November 18, 2013

Christian Rosa: when the market is faster than critics and curators

His curriculum vitae is as thin as a painting stroke. Nevertheless, rumors say that Francesco Bonami recently convinced collector Patrizia Sandretto Rebaudengo to buy some of his pieces and when tumblering his name you will find pictures of the artist together with influential characters such as Hans Ulrich Obrist, Helmerice Habsburg-Lothringen and Francesca Habsburg. Christian Rosa, born 1982, is just one of the talented emerging stars now burning on the art heaven.


As stated by gallerist Claudia Cargnel «today collectors are faster than critics and curators in discovering young talents». The obvious consequence is that nowadays aesthetic is not driven by beautiful theories (Tom Wolf was wrong) but from the market itself, and thus from information. It doesn’t matter if Rosa’s reference is Surrealism or Cy Twombly, or if he should be considered, along with Oscar Murillo and David Ostrowsky, a new chapter of the great book of painting. Top collectors have just bought their best works, and apparently what remains is only a waiting list of a hundred names and growing prices at auctions, starting from Paddle8… where, in effect, the Rosa’s canvas has already 15 bids so far.


So, is this enough to call him a great artist? Of course we don’t think so and to understand if an emerging stars is a real talent on a just a name in vogue we propose to collectors the following solution: don’t try to imagine if the work that you are buying would fit well in a room at the MoMA or at the Tate, because surely it will, as it has probably been conceived with this purpose. On the contrary, ask yourself if the ethics it conveys is as seductive as its aesthetics. Only then your purchase will be a good one.