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Conceptual Fine Arts is an online platform which createscontextualises and broadcasts art writing. It investigates the various aspects of contemporary art and art from the past centuries with a common belief that the present is informed by the past and the past remains open to understanding. 

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1826 up to now.


Disseminating qualified, reliable, critically productive, professionally written, and distinctly international in scope art writing.  


Publisher: Stefano Pirovano
Editorial directors: Piero Bisello (contemporary art), Antonio Carnevale (cultural heritage)
Producer and CFAlive manager: Eleonora Santin
Research and translation: Alessandra Marelli
Visual identity: Bureau Wolewinski
Web developer: Mauro Fioravanzi

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Chiara Agradi | Piero Bisello | Maria do Carmo M. P. de Pontes | Antonio Carnevale | Bice Curiger | Sonia D’Alto | Sofia Dati | Stamatia Dimitrakopoulos | Marta Galli | Zihan Herr | Paul Laster | Ricko Leung | Céline Mathieu | Catherine Mayeur | Alessandro Morandotti | Julia Mullié | Stefano Pirovano | Agata Pyzik | Gianluca Poldi | Gianluigi Ricuperati | Emile Rubino | Sofia Silva | Evelyn Simons | Dirk Snauwaert | Chloe Stead | Silvia Tomasi | Jasmina Trifoni

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