Mapping the art-scape

Reports, analysis, trends and reviews. In this section we offer our selection of museum and gallery events as well as individual examples of art. To be absolutely comprehensive is not our aim. On the contrary, we want to offer a broadly oriented itinerary through the many contingent aspects of the art-world, the market included.

Interviews and dialogues

We interact with artists, collectors and intellectuals to find out more about their interests and motivations. This will help to create a broader contextual understanding for the selection, display and dissemination of art today.

To be discovered

Here is where we present the most promising contemporary talents and to re-engage with the most established artists from past and present. Our unique approach to discussing and presenting art, through acknowledging the inter-relationship of past and present, allows us to go beyond the simple reviewing of a show.

At the show with the artist

We ask contemporary artists to visit a museum or an exhibition and to express their personal point of view. Without lacking respect for an academic interpretation of the history of art, we believe that the sometimes eccentric or singular perspective given by a living artist on certain works of art can extend their meaning, thus offering unique and unexpected readings.