Top six summer group exhibitions 2014


The art calendar is approaching the summer break and generally this is the period of group shows. But if some of them are just compilations of things already happened, or a basic selection of works from the gallery roster, others are windows opened on the second part of the 2014. Here our selection of the most inspiring six ones.


Martos, until 25 July, “Every day in every way I’m freely opening my senses to the beauty in myself and opening up to all the beauty around me and in all the people I will encounter”. The short show’s statement seems an ambitious proposal to look at the dark side of positivism; but don’t worry, it is the selection of artists what really matters in this case: Irina Arnaut, Vittorio Brodmann, Nicole Eisenman, John Giorno, Fabian Marti, Dave Miko.


Sean Kelly, until 2 August, “From Pre-History to Post-Everything”. Linking emerging names with far away cultures is something which also Peres Projects has thought about – as we reported a few days ago. In the case of the show at Sean Kelly the ancient objects include flint tools from the Paleolithic Era, Chinese Bi disks, axes and congs, Taino scepters. They dialogue with artworks by Isaac Brest, Sarah Crowner, Luca Dellaverson, Thomas Fougeirol, Dean Levin, Hugo McCloud, Landon Metz, Evan Nesbit, Kasper Sonne, Patricia Treib, Artie Wierkant.


Thiery Goldberg, from 10 July to 15 August, “Marquee Moon“. No info is available yet, except the names of the artists: Rachel Beach, John Bianchi, Amy Feldman, Derek Franklin, Ted Gahl, Dave Hardy, Toulu Hassani, Benjamin Horns, Tiziano Martini, Augustus Nazzaro, Rita Sobral Campos, Jamie Sneider.


The Suzanne Geiss Company, until 2 August, “That’s the neighbor, always dressing these boulders in the yard”. Among our group of group shows the one curated by painter Torey Thornton appears to be the most focused on aesthetic, even if “visual tricks and dry formalism” are not welcomed in Torey’s selection. Artists: Brian Belott, Ted Gahl, Graham Hamilton, Yi-Hsuan Lin, Eric Mack, Chris Martin, Odessa Straub.


Lisson, from 19 July to 23 August, “Where were you?”. Along with a couple of artists from the gallery roster there are some names proving that the gallery is slightly taking more risks than in the past – the exhibition’s title is indeed from a 1978 punk song (by the Mekos). Artists: Allora & Calzadilla, Cory Arcangel, N. Dash, Robert Janitz, Paulo Monteiro, David Ostrowski, Michael Rey, Julia Rommel, Dan Shaw-Town.


David Zwirner, until 25 July, “To do as one would”. In this case the title announces a genuine art salad, but some of these names are definitely ready for a step forward in their career: John Dante Bianchi, Nick Darmstaedter, Violet Dennison, Xavier Donnelly, Charles Harlan, Benjamin Horns, Ann Greene Kelly, Zak Kitnick, Eric Mack, Alex Perweiler, Harry Schleiff, Cal Siegel, Zachary Susskind, John Szlasa, Christopher Williams.

September 7, 2014