Wyatt Kahn’s dancing puzzles go sentimental at the Zurich art weekend


There was a lot of expectation for Wyatt Khan first solo show at Eva Presenhuber in Zurich and, as expected, all the works were already sold out on the opening night. Apparently the formula hasn’t changed a lot, and shaped MDF stretcher panels are still marking the artist’s art practice. This time however the variation lies in the kind of canvases he employs and the patters he deals with. A hint of childish, delicate, soft, pastel color turns the collision of the portions into a sort of fantastic dance between them and their proximity creating symbols: a bulb, a violin, an umbrella, one hand. Now angles, curves, lines, don’t express any tension, but the clumsy movement of a friendly game of identities. And that is probably the bright side of Kahn’s brilliant solution to the problem of the two-dimensional art. By using surfaces instead of supports he doesn’t need images to be sentimental.

September 22, 2014