Yoan Mudry


The Swiss artist Yoan Mudry is 24 years old and, according to his cv, he has been educated in Geneva, where he lives. The critic text of his first relevant solo show, last year at Marbriers 4, gives the few available info about him: Yoan loves to organize pizza’s nights at his place, he has a workshop along the Rhône, and he was wearing T-shirt and basketball shorts when the author of the text met him there last June. It is not that much, nonetheless Mudry’s paintings have caught our attention.


In the realm of the two-dimensional art Mudry’s references taken from comics and cartoons perfectly fit with a new trend that includes, for example, artists as Ella Kruglyanskaya and Oliver Osborne. Nowadays the images of artworks are circulating mostly thanks to the world wide web and this “synthetic” use of the line is definitely a powerful source, possibly an alternative one to the not-iconic art mass production of the last years. Moreover, he is experimenting the multi layers images, in a way that may recall, for instance, the Jeff Koons’ paintings of the last decade: to bring ahead this approach is a ambitious challenge, good luck!

July 17, 2015