New York contemporary art week is about to being: is a wishing list what you need?



After two months of web surfing and e-books reading, we are coming back to the playground. New York contemporary art week will be the occasion to verify our thoughts, theories, and presumed discovers. However we are not publishing our to do list, as we think that instead of visiting an art fair it is better to let the fair visiting you: as a wise collector once told us, when you go around with too many specific targets sometimes you end up losing exactly what you really are looking for. Hence, please find below our easy wishing list, that is what will guide our wandering.


Arold Hancart, Paul Cowan, Travess Smalley, Elaine Cameron-Weir, Valery Snowback, Oliver Osborne, David Ostrowski, Ryan Foerster, Mateo Lopez.



July 18, 2015