MiArt 2014: the usual, please!


At the opening of MiArt 2014 the trend running in the last months has been once again confirmed. Probably the news is that Graham Collins and Torey Thornton will reach the group of the unattainable ones very soon. Among these, Oliver Osborne is definitely to be highlighted, whose step into fully painted canvases – instead of having the figure printed on a sheet of paper – is taking the artist’s work to new frontiers. We shall see.

The two works by Oscar Tuazon are great pieces, but they seem to suffer the warm lights of the booth, as do the two Harold Ancarts. But these are way more than desirable, lucky is the person who manages to buy them. Amidst the available ones, André Komatsu is probably an artist that deserves to be taken into consideration. His best works are dangerous and fragile (broken glasses, nails, and heavy bricks) but he seems capable of resolving with lightness even the most “rigid” idea. May Hands’ pieces need to be mentioned too. We saw them in real life for the first time and we had the opportunity to chat with her. We are pretty sure that we will hear about this young talented artist more and more in the future. In our personal THEnow section – the area in the fair dedicated to masters in relation to young artists – Hands comes very close to Enrico Baj. The fashion items, packaging and found objects enveloped by the British artist are complementary to the anti-war message the generals and ladies by Bai embody. They share a similar critical/ironical/irreverent standpoint towards the society they are living in.

July 18, 2015