Odessa Straub, from Renaissance drapery to cartoon bubbles the path is short


We have spotted Odessa Straub’s paintings in the summer group show curated by artist Torey Thornton at the Suzanne Geiss Company. From the artist’s web page we have learned that this exhibition marks the first significant step in her career, after completing her BFA at Cooper Union in 2013. What we have seen in her works is a balanced yet not obvious composition, a stimulating use of colours, and a sensitivity for shades and presence that seems to come first from the Renaissance age, than from the glorious era of the Avangards. The artworks’ titles address to episodes of ordinary life. They sound like words taken from cartoon bubbles, but this could just be a trick to hide her own personality. Currently she has studio in Brooklyn. She is 25 year-old. Keep an eye on her.

September 7, 2014