CFAlive gallery visiting programme

CFAlive is a curated programme for art galleries to build or reinforce their presence in Milan. Stemming from the editorial guidelines of Conceptual Fine Arts, CFAlive offers a series of services to invited galleries from outside Italy, including a space in our location on via rossini 3. You can contact us here for more info on CFAlive.


Current visiting gallery


Galerie Gregor Staiger, Zurich

Raphaela Vogel, La Scultura Senza Qualità

23 Sept/24 Oct 2020



Past visiting galleries


Wilfried Lentz, Rotterdam

Karel Martens in dialogue with Bruno Munari

29 Nov 2019/15 Jan 2020



 Exile, Vienna

Paul Sochacki, The Soul of the Desert

21 Oct/23 Nov 2019



Antoine Levi, Paris

Srijon Chowdhury, Revelation Theater

20 Sept/19 Oct 2019



Galerie Gregor Staiger, Zurich

Walter Pfeiffer, Notte di Ferragosto

13 Apr/18 May 2019



Damien & The Love Guru, Brussels + Lucas Hirsch, Dusseldorf

Where Do Streams Run To? With works by: Christiane Blattmann, Hadrien du Roy, Elin Gonzalez, Collectif HC , Jannis Marwitz, George Rippon, Sami Schlichting, Sharon Van Overmeiren

3/7 Apr 2019